19 Temmuz 2008 Cumartesi


Artist Name: Şinasi Güneş
Title: Androgen
Time: 02:40
Media: Video-Art
Format: DVD Pal
Music: Chico Buargue&Maria BethaniaYear: 2004

This study is made up about the men and women roles becoming slop genders.

The study consists of two different plans.At the back screen there is the match between two women boxers.At the front screen there is a bumpkin looking man sending kisses.

Here the women, while doing boxing, which is considered to be a Men’s sport, are becoming mascular, on the other hand the bumpkin looking man is becoming a feminine during sending elegant soft kisses.There happens a ironic condition and the individuals become two sexes.

There is a very emotional, exotic music is used. Here, the music is used as a conjunction.

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