6 Nisan 2012 Cuma

Sugar and Me

Şinasi Güneş
Sugar and Me

This video shows the size of violence the strained relations of created between the human beings and the power and the power relations.

13 Aralık 2011 Salı

12th. Istanbul Biennial

Artist Name: Şinasi Güneş
Title: 12th. Istanbul Biennial

Time: 10:52
Media: Video-Art
Format: DVD Pal
Year: 2012

This film is criticizing 12th. Istanbul Biennial. It has created to result of using the framework of a new sense of space to the empty areas outside the exhibition spaces where Istanbul Biennial which made architectural design by the architect Ryue Nishizawa.

20 Temmuz 2008 Pazar

The Middle Of Bridge

Artist Name: Şinasi Güneş
Title: The Middle Of BridgeTime: 01:14
Media: Video-Art
Format: DVD Pal
Music: Orbital
Year: 2005

This work, is a bridge that connects the east and the west.The live liness of west of bridge meets the serenity of the east.Suicides happen in the middle of this bridge and sometimes it is an arena wish to chosen by those who wish to perform their show.
A point where two cultures meet.
It is a state between reality and fantasy.It may be a rehearsal for suicide or suicide itself.

The Monument

The name of the artist: Şinasi GüneşThe name of the work: The MonumentDuration : 03:09
Type: Video-ArtFormat: DVD Pal
Year: 2008

This work contains the images of the women who live in Anatolia and have different cultures and it explicates the relation between the women and covering oneself.

In this film, the monument which keeps the memories fresh of a person, of an incident or of an exact moment of history, becomes a tool in a playground. It is untouchable but it is invaded by children. So the monument which comes from the past, exists in present time with the concept of game.


Artist Name: Şinasi Güneş
Title: Batumi
Time: 03:24
Media: Video-ArtFormat: DVD Pal
Year: 2008
This film is about children who play with water in the swimming pool in the city of Batum. When they play with water they are geatly pleased by it but after that this pleasure turns in to sexual drive. Actually this game is very natural but it becomes something extraordinary by water. The power of the water evokes the feelings. The rest is the screamings and the laughter…

After The Sheep

Artist Name: Şinasi GüneşTitle: After The SheepTime: 03:41
Media: Video-Art
Format: DVD PalYear: 2007
It’s a performance about catching sheeps.
“Performance artist whose face is covered with a red neckerchief tries to catcth the sheeps but sheeps run. He/she can not reach them whatever he/she does. He/she gets undress but it doesn’t work. Artist becomes a sheep desperately.”
The person who catches is the one who gets caught.
The sheeps mean woman, booty, goods, or in a different way they mean community

19 Temmuz 2008 Cumartesi


Artist Name: Şinasi GüneşTitle: GICIR
Time: 03:03
Media: Video-Art
Format: DVD Pal
Year: 2006
The artist is turning a basic action of cleaning his guitar into a heareble performance.
He is showing the invisible visions in an ironic way.